**RELEASE DAY** REVIEW** Box of Hearts by Nikki Ashton


Happy release day to Nikki Ashton.  BOX OF HEARTS is out now!  myBook.to/BOH




Millie is unlucky in love and when her long term relationship ends like a soap opera
story line, she takes drastic action. 

She applies for an overseas job as home school teacher on an American family Ranch and finds herself instantly attracted to Jesse-her boss.  As for Jesse, well he doesn’t need her getting in his business and constantly reminding him that he neglects his daughter.
In Jesse Connor’s eyes his life would be simple if it consisted of three things.  His ranch, his cattle and his horses.  But it doesn’t- for one, there’s his young daughter, Adeline, who is fighting for his love and attention because he’s the only parent she has. 
Then there is Millie Braithwaite-that damn beautiful English woman.
Millie & Jesse are two broken souls who are both fighting against the inevitable,
because they both know that this time their hearts could be shattered beyond repair.
Box of Hearts is the first book in the Connor Ranch series and tells the story of second chance love and the joy and sorrow it can bring.

4TLOR Review ~ by Lou

This is the first book I have read by Nikki Ashton, and I am so pleased I have read this book and been introduced to this authors brilliant writing. I totally devoured this story from the very first page to the very last. And by the end I was a sobbing mess, feeling so many emotions.

This book really made me feel – I felt for the characters, I felt for what each of them were going through, I connected with them all, and really felt immersed in the whole story and life at the Connor Ranch.

Millie has come over to America to escape life after being jilted at the alter! A nursery school teacher, so has accepted a position in a family on a remote ranch in the American countryside.

Millie’s character is great and she integrates herself into the Connor family perfectly. Even if the eldest son Jesse has shut himself away from the world, his family and is not the mot welcoming of sorts! Millie is immediately attracted to him, but he has suffered a great tragedy, and a broken heart that he may never recover from.

All of the characters in this book are superb. I loved the big sense of family, friendships and happiness in this book. Emotions runs high, there is plenty of sadness, but also a lot of humour and a few parts that had me in stitches throughout the story.

Addy is the absolute highlight of the book, and as a reader you can’t help but fall in love with her and her special outlook on life. But I also loved Bonnie and Aunt Ruby and of course Garrett in the story too. All bringing something special to the overall story and journey.

The story flowed really well and the plot was great. A great amount of angst, drama, and of course LOVE!!! I loved the short chapters and the dual PoV, making me want to continuously read ‘just one more’!

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to go back to the Connor Ranch again in the future.

**** 4.5 Hearts and Stars ****

Lou x

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