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We met by chance, by crazy circumstance.
Forced together by events out of our control
Neither of us were looking.
Neither of us were wanting what we found.
Both scarred. Both scared. Both hiding.
Only, one of us is undeserving.
One of us is lying, faking … taking advantage.
The face I present to the world is a farce and my act has been perfected, now it’s first class.
Taking a chance is a risk to us both
But it can’t be ignored, because not only is it her name, it’s what she gives me…
Some sins can never be erased. If I get too close… if she finds out…
I’ll be replaced.



Book 1 and 2 left me in awe, book 3 had a lot to live up-to but what can I say, I love Kye and Faith from Advance and Advancing l and was skeptical anyone could take from them, I’m pleased to say they still hold the top spot, but they might share it a little.

Cals story is so uniquely different, his journey with Hope shows a different side to him, we don’t lose the boyish charm or sense of humour we have grown to love, but instead find a vulnerable and raw side. A Cal that has a hidden but beautiful nature that he shows in the way he cares and and his love for Kye and Faith but his ever growing love for Hope.

This story is on par, but it gives you so many feels and emotions and you see the make up of Cal so beautifully revealed and who Hope is.

KA manages to pull everything from me and then some with every book. This Story ARC started in book 1 just gets better and better and there is so many layers to it I adore it I love the fact you still get to see and feel all the other characters and can not wait for the next instalment

I’m excited to see what happens next with all the possibilities x

5 Stars

Donna xx


4TLOR 5 STAR Review ~ by Lou

An absolutely superb book in the Advance Industries series from K.A. Duggsy. This authors writing just keeps getting better and better, and book three in this series is simply wonderful.

Please ensure you have read the first two books in the series before picking this one up. It is part of a series and you really do need to have a full understanding of everything that has happened.

Ever since I knew that KA was going to be writing this book about Cal and Hope I was so excited. I loved Cal in the first two books, but it was wonderful to finally get more from him and see different sides to him and explore him on a more personal level. And what better person to do that with, than alongside Faith’s sister, Hope.

“He’s so good at spreading joy, at making people relax around him. He’s addictive. I remember him warning me I could get addicted and as usual, he was spot on. Every new thing I discover about this man just makes me want to discover more…”

Cal has always been the fun guy. The one who seems so laid back, relaxed and up for fun and games. Never appearing to take life too seriously, in this book we truly see more of him. We see how deeply his past and his insecurities haunt him, and the impact that has on his life now. Cal is still fun, and still the Cal we have come to love, just with many more layers. And his love and respect for Hope is wonderful. He’s see’s parts of her that no one else has ever been given the opportunity to see…

“You’re funny Hope, determined and you’re smart. Not street smart but you’re no fool. Don’t put yourself down. I wish you could see what I do.”

Hope is a wonderful character. I really fell in love with her in this story. Her innocence is simply brilliant – the questions she asks, her lack of understanding, the way she acts, all creates her into a really loveable heroine of the story. But for all of her innocence and lack of experience in life, she is also incredibly clever, intelligent, sassy and determined. But she also has this sweetness about her. She is kind, caring and I just love how her feelings develop for Cal, although she won’t be taken for a ride either!

This book is full of the the emotions and feels. It is filled with everything – happiness, sadness, joy. It also has moments of real humour with some brilliant banter and exchanges between the characters.

“Defying You” You’re not my keeper, I already told you, you can’t tell me what I can and can’t do. You can try, but inevitably you’ll lose.” She grins.
“I never lose, beautiful, not if it’s something I want badly enough.”

I loved seeing the secondary characters in this story as well. Obviously seeing plenty from Faith and Kye, as well as the other men too. And I said it after book 2, and I’ll say it again, I’d still like more from Trask and maybe even Saunders!!

I loved Cal and Hopes relationship, the development throughout the book and how everything pans out. I just love these two as a couple. There isn’t quite as much drama in this story as in the first books, but it’s a different type of story, and a different tale being told. It really is a story of hope, survival and strength. It is romantic and filled with so much love.

I do have a few questions, and for me there are a few things left unanswered that I wish I knew what happened, but that’s okay…. I think I can survive with that, and maybe, just maybe, it gives scope for more to come in the series in the future…

KA’s writing really is brilliant and I can’t wait to see what she brings us next!! A must-read book as part of a very special series which I would highly recommend.

***** 5 ‘beautiful’ stars *****

Lou x






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K A Duggsy was born in Cardiff, UK and is a mum of 3. She loves to read romance, regardless of the sub genre, but she does prefer a HEA. Her biggest passion is reading, followed closely by writing. She alternates between the two, and her long-suffering children and partner frequently get ignored while she does so.

Her love of writing started with poetry and she had some works published. Today, Tomorrow, Forever was her first novella, followed by Today, Tomorrow, Forever. Carey’s Revenge. K A enjoys writing about strong women and the men who love them with a healthy dose of suspense and action thrown in. Her first full length novel Advance (Advance Industries #1) was released in February 2016 in a genre she never thought she’d attempt.




Facebook : https://goo.gl/Zkn7gH

Twitter: https://goo.gl/IU2Pux



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