✨PRESTON by David Michael✨ 5 Star Review✨

Now live on Amazon… And his brothers are on sale for $.99… Really, there’s not better time to get #dickstracted with the Hale brothers…

4TLOR 5 Star Review 

I have followed David for ages but I ha ent had the free time to pick up his books and read, well not until recently, I had a couple of weeks free and several conversations with David and I ended up buying and reading Porter and Parker, I fell in love with the Hale brothers and their Dynasty!  
Davids writing is quick witted, full of dry humour and his writing style is exceptional. I loved Preston throughout the first two books so as soon as I knew about his book I jumped at the chance. 
Preston and Mitch – Pure heat, sweet, sexy, emotional, frustrating and funny as hell. David has put it all into this book and while you might think it’s too much for one read, I assure you is a perfectly balanced, well blended and absolutely brilliantly written. 
Two men with very different ideas about love and relationships forced together because of a wedding and Holly, tension building sights set and when it’s released fireworks !! 
Davids writing is effortlessly and I love the fact that we get to follow Porter and Parker but the focus still remains on Preston and is never taken away from him. The only downside was that it ended. 
Every book in this series has totally topped the last and I have been totally dickstracted!!! 
Damn that ending …..
5 Stars 
Donna xx


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