**RELEASE BLITZ** DOUBLE REVIEW** Smuttily Ever After ~ anthology by various Bloggers!



Title: Smuttily Ever After

Release Date: 29th November

Cover By: Mila Grayson

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When smut happens, it’s always a happily ever after.

Seven bloggers have come together to create a hot anthology filled with the best variety of sexy stories.

All proceeds go to Paws With A Cause, a charity which trains and provides service dogs to people who can

greatly benefit from assistance and companionship.


The Stories:



The Messy Mind of Monique Pearson

A successful CEO finds her new PA has more to offer than his typing skills. In the office she’s used to being in control, but he has other plans in mind.


Rolling On A River

The Saucy Owl

One all-girl roller hockey team against the boys, in an all-day tournament of hockey and will power. It gets hotter than a girdle after a game when Frankie sees Taylor Rivers roll on by.


Love and War

Beauté De Livres – Beauty of Books

Having a future was never in our plans. We were at war when we found each other. But when the demons of your past crash into your present, will love be enough?


Falling Into You

Mila Grayson | KU Book Reviews

Think you can only find used furniture on Craigslist? You can also find second chances. Don’t let that chance encounter escape you.



Obsessed with Romance

When a single mother of twins joins her best friends for “a girls night out” she expects some drinks, laughs and dancing. But someone has other plans for her.


Wildest Dreams

Kay Su | BooksandMe

Three isn’t always a crowd. But trying to find two hot, dominating men happy to share the same girl isn’t ever going to be easy. Will dreams become reality? What are the odds?


Love For Us

Books And Boys Book Blog

Finding love on the internet is always a risky business. Full of catfish and unsolicited pics. But what happens when you find a connection faster and stronger than your wifi?


4TLOR Review ~ by Lou

What a wonderful selection of stories from Bloggers, dipping their toes into the writing world. And what an AMAZING job they have all done of it. A couple stood out for me, but overall I there wasn’t a single one I didn’t like.


The Messy Mind of Monique Pearson

This story was great. It took me a couple of chapters to see where the story was going, but they did a great job of setting the scene. By chapter 4, I was drawn in completely. The chapters were very short, and to the point. Nora is hiring a new PA, after her current brilliant PA and friend is off on maternity leave. Rosey sources her new PA for Nora knowing exactly what she needs, and finds her Sunny/Sonny!!! There was a lot of attraction there and it was steaming hot at the end. I really hope to see more from this book and the characters! ****

Rolling On A River
The Saucy Owl

This was one of my favourites! Having used to watch a lot of roller hockey games in the past, it clicked with me. I loved the dual PoV from both Frankie and Taylor. And the chemistry and heat between these two was off the charts. I love the passion and the cheeky banter. Just an all round lovely short story with a great ending and well written characters and plot! *****

Love and War
Beauté De Livres – Beauty of Books

An interesting and very different short story. I really liked how this story lead us in, then a couple of chapters in I wondered what was happening! A good little twist, but cleverly done. I loved the fierce love for one another that these two characters had. There was a lot of intensity in this little story but it all worked out very well!! ****

Falling Into You
Mila Grayson | KU Book Reviews

Now this is my kind of story!! I LOVED IT! When Bree bumps into a mystery man, she instantly feels a connection with him. But how will she find him again & did he feel the same?! I loved Liam and Bree’s messages to one another, these absolutely made the story. I loved seeing how they got closer over their words, learning more about one another and the banter they had. There were some great exchanges that had me chuckling! And it was hot as anything…. A really swoon-worthy, lovely, happy story with a great epilogue! *****

Obsessed with Romance

Cecilia and Asher’s story was lovely! 2 single parents who both have instant chemistry, and have a wild nigh together, soon realising there’s a lot more between them. I loved their honesty with one another and the way they were obviously instantly addicted to one another. The sex scenes were steaming hot and well written. A great well rounded story written with dual PoV’s from both Cecilia and Asher, which I thoroughly enjoyed! ****.5

Wildest Dreams
Kay Su | BooksandMe

Atria has her ‘Wildest Dream’. With something missing from her previous relationship she’s keen to try something more, potentially with 2 men dominating her and taking charge whilst she submits. This story was fab – it was fast paced, hot, steamy and super sexy! I loved it! I was left wanting more from these characters though. I had lots of questions whirling around and I felt I wanted to know more about the relationships between them all. ****

Love For Us
Books And Boys Book Blog

Brynn is fed up with her life, of hopeless relationships where she has the power and has to do all the hard work. She wants her perfect fairytale which in her mind will mean she get to relinquish the power and someone else can take charge of her for once. She meets Simon online, and they quickly develop an online relationship. Will this be the one she’s looking for? A good short story, and although I wanted to know more and had a few questions, it was well written and a fun, sexy read. ****


All of these bloggers and now authors have done SO well! They all need a huge congratulations as they have all written such great stories. And such a brilliant selection, with each and every book totally different from the others.

This anthology has it all. It is sweet, sexy, happy package all rolled in to one with elements of fun, mystery, intrigue. With stories of insta-love, online love, sub/dom relationships with various PoV’s, it really does have it all!

And of course it’s all for a good cause, so I would highly recommend this book and tell you to purchase it today!!

***** 5 very impressive stars *****

Lou x

4TLOReading Review By Donna x 

7 Bloggers who have a hidden and secret passion to create worlds, give them a platform, throw in a charity to benefit and what do you get ? 7 crazy worlds driven by imagination and smut, short but with heart that definitely leave you hot under the collar. 
I have been truly privileged to read all of these awesome shorts, this anthology is full of creativeness bursting from the pages, each short is unique and from a different genre all with one goal in mind, please the reader, create characters and worlds that you will connect with quickly, add the heat and you won’t want the stories to end and makes this a collection I urge you to pick up !! 
I promise you there is something from everyone and you will not be disappointed !! No doubt you will find a new author that you will want to encourage to write more, maybe even a few. For me each story had something but a couple totally blew me away and had that subtle edge that has me encouraging and hoping that they will continue to pick up the pen of creativity ! 
The writing style of Mila in her debut short of Falling into you, was by far my favourite, the words flow effortlessly and the characters are beautifully crafted and easy to connect with. The story has heart and heat and you are simply swept away. I am personally looking forward to seeing what happens with her writing career. 
Although, I’ve chosen Mila’s story to review every story is amazing !! And there really is something for everyone, office romance, sports, erotica and more. Something for everyone ! 
Every story packed a punch. Every story had something special and that’s why it’s so deserving of a 5 Star rating !! Grab a copy it’s for a great cause and a fabulous read ! 

5 wonderful amazing Stars 

Donna x 


Contributing Blogger Links:

Mila | KU Book Reviews

I Kay Su | BooksandMe I Beauté De Livres – Beauty of Books IThe Messy Mind of Monique Pearson IThe Saucy Owl – Reviewing the Raunch I Obsessed with Romance I Books and Boys Book Blog










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