**New Release & Double 5 Star Review** Scarred by You by Laura Carter**



Their past will become their future. Their scars will be reopened.

Clark Layton has the world at his feet. He is the CEO of one of the largest oil companies in the world and he has a fiancée most men would kill for. Then why, the night before his wedding, is he still thinking about everything he lost when he walked out on Dayna Cross?

Dayna didn’t intend to take the helm of Subsea Petroleum. But events beyond her control left her no choice. And she can handle it, mostly. She can juggle the long hours, the chauvinistic men, and a broken heart. What she can’t deal with is Clark Layton swanning back into her life and threatening to break down her walls.

They are rival CEOs and they are in a dogfight for a lucrative new pipeline. But as truths of their past begin to surface, business won’t be the biggest battle they enter into.


4TLOR Double 5 Star Reviews 


Review by Lou 

This is the first book I have read by Laura Carter and I can tell you now it will definitely not be the last. I absolutely LOVED Laura’s writing style. The words flowed effortlessly off the pages and before I knew it had been absorbed into the story so much, I was at the end of the book having completed an absolutely superb 5 star read. This book had it all, full of twists, turns and surprises throughout with a wonderful connection between the main two characters, which you really hoped would work out for them.

This story takes place within the ruthless oil industry featuring Clark Layton and Dayna Cross who have a lot of history with one another. The oil industry is a huge focus to this story which I found to be really refreshing and different from other stories. It also obviously means there is a lot of scope for lies, deception, and danger!

In the past due to outside influences and family ties Clark left Dayna and he left her at one of the worst times of her life. But as the story is revealed and the deep hurts are revisited and scars are opened we start to understand why certain decisions were made and why things happened the way they did.

I loved both Clark and Dayna’s characters. I loved Clark’s protectiveness and loyalty to to Dayna. He is hugely protective, loving and caring. The heat and intensity between these two was off the charts without being over the top. I also loved the fact that Dayna was such a powerful businesswoman in her own right. She has had to deal with some awfully difficult and testing times, but appears to have an enormous amount of strength and independence; at least on the surface.

The story is written in dual POV from both Dayna and Clark. The story flows brilliantly and the flashbacks really help to gain some understanding of the history behind certain events. A brilliant hot and sexy story, with a serious side, which will have you on the edge of your seat with some twists you really won’t see coming!

5 Brilliant Stars

Lou x


Review by Jordan

was so excited to hear that Laura carter had a new book out and a standalone at that! I loved her vengeful love trilogy, so knowing I could read more of her work was great.

I can say I definitely I wasn’t disappointed in scarred by you! I love Laura’s style of writing, from start to finish it just flows so easily.

All the way through we get Clark and Daynas POV, which for me really helps me connect with the characters, and connect I did. I felt for both of them so much throughout their story, and maybe felt like banging their heads together in places.

The story gave us a look in to the past 4 years, but not to the point where it was to much past and not enough present. The chemistry between the two of them was hot, but again not over done.

There was so many twists and turns that left me so shocked I didn’t see them coming. There were parts that i wanted to hate Clark but you just can’t when you find everything out.

The research and knowledge that has gone into this book is amazing. Laura hasn’t just put “pen to paper” to make this she has made sure the right details are in there to make it all so much better.

I would highly recommend for any Laura Carter fans to pick up this book. Or if you have never read her books before why not start here.


5 Stars

Jordan x





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