**Reviews ~ politically Incorrect by Jeanne McDonald**


Sex. Lies. Greed. Power. Scandal. Politics.

Political strategist, Elizabeth McNeal has been called a lot of things throughout her career—bitch being at the top of the list—but she doesn’t let it get to her. She’s bold, she’s blunt, and she takes orders from no one. This is how she’s survived working in a man’s world. She’s the master of diversion, and her specialty is winning an election—no matter the cost.

That is, until she meets her new client, Democratic candidate, Congressman William Baxter. Kind, considerate, insanely handsome, honest, and ten years her junior, he’s a unicorn among politicians. He infuriates her. He challenges her. Most of all, he makes her see past the scandalous world of politics and helps her to discover the heart of the woman inside her.

With sparks flying between them and the election rapidly approaching, the last thing either of them need is to be caught in a compromising position. Some lines are meant to be crossed and some rules broken, but for Elizabeth and Liam is it worth the cost of being politically incorrect?

Review By Donna 

This is the first book of Jeanne McDonalds I’ve picked up, I read the synopsis and it intrigued me.

set in the political campaign world, it started off a little slow, but soon picked up the pace and half way through i find myself immersed and really enjoying the story line and the book in its entirety.
I connected with the characters and liked where they were going.

For me the fact that the female lead was strong and sassy, full of attitude and high powered in her own right was a complete turn on with this book. she was in charge and had as much to lose as she had to gain. she was hesitant and worried about her career that she had worked so hard to achieve.

Liam Baxter the sexy as hell Congressman, who hired Elizabeth to help him become the next Senate and achieve his political goals, did not expect the instant attraction. He’s younger, driven, smart and determined to get what he wants and this includes Elizabeth.

The twists and turns and secrets that are revealed as the post gets thicker, keep your interest and intrigue and kept this a definite page turner.

A great read and a solid 4 stars from me

Review By Lou

This is the first book I have read by Jeannne McDonald and I am very impressed! I really enjoyed this book, from start to finish and by the end could not put it down. It started a little slow, but the further on I read, the more drawn into the story I became, and I really connected with the characters and the storyline.

Elizabeth is a brilliantly created character! She is an older, divorced, single mum, doing her utmost to provide for her daughter. She is powerful, strong, and the absolute best in her field – In a field that is ultimately a very male dominated environment. She is clever, intelligent and hugely capable of standing up for herself and her knowledge.

Enter Congressman William ‘Liam’ Baxter who is the new political candidate she has chosen to help and advise. He’s young, smart, determined, driven and rather HOT!! Although he does have an unfortunate penchant for rather loud ties, which is on Elizabeth’s list of things to “fix”!

Because of Liam’s determination, as well as the Senate, he also has his sights set on something else entirely – Elizabeth! There is a huge spark between these two, and the built up is electric!! But they both have reservations, Elizabeth more so. There is the issue with age, the fact she is divorced with a teenage daughter…. Oh and the little fact that she is supposed to be advising and supporting him in a professional capacity!

“It was official. William Baxter was going to be the death of me and if I wasn’t careful, he’d also be my downfall.”

There are lots of secrets and revelations in the story which we keep you reading and keep you turning those pages! By the end you simply won’t want to put it down!! I loved the connection between the characters. Their banter and back and forth with Elizabeth keeping score of who got one up over the other was very funny! I also enjoyed the secondary characters with Liam’s brother Aaron, Scout and Harper as well.
This book has a perfect mix of everything you want from a book – it is funny, heartwarming, emotional, and tugs the heart strings! It is also full of heat, passion, excitement and it is oh so HOT at times!!!

A political romance which is a thoroughly enjoyable 4 Solid Star read – I would highly recommend to all! I look forward to reading more from Jeanne in the future.

Lou x

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Kobo: http://bit.ly/28O6z6a


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