**REVIEW** Stoned by Mandi Beck

stoned cover


“A rock star with no rhythm is a man with no soul.” – Stone Lockhart

As the lead singer of one of the hottest bands to hit the rock scene, fucks are free, drugs come easy, and music is life.
For as long as Stone can remember, Willow has been his music – the notes that weave his soul together.
His rhythm.
Until he threw her away.
All he has left is a handful of pills and a few lines of powder to make him forget her.
And he tries, over and over.

Clean and ready to make things right, he’s faced with the fact that Willow’s moved on. She’s not the same girl he cast aside. Willow’s a woman sure about her purpose in life. Sure about who she’s meant to love.
Stone may be lost without his rhythm, but Willow has found so much more.


Review by Lou

WHAAAAAAT!! I can’t stop thinking about this book. Even a few days after finishing, it has left a big imprint on my heart and soul. This is the first book I have read by Mandi Beck, and I’ve got to say it was absolutely AMAZING!! This book has everything a bad boy rocker romance should have, but it also has SO MUCH MORE!! It touches on some really difficult subjects, but is so full of life, feeling, and emotion you can’t help but be drawn into the words.

“A rock star without rhythm is a man with no soul

My heart broke right from the Prologue! Straight away Mandi had me gripped to the story and I just needed to read on. Stone Lockhart is an international badass rock star, he’s got the fame, he’s got all the drugs he could possibly want or need and he’s had all of the women.

“Don’t treat me like I’m a kid. I’m a grown ass man. A f**king rock star! I f**k who I want, drink what I want, and I do whatever f**king shit I want.”

He also has a long-term girlfriend, Willow, who has stood by him, turning a blind eye to his less than favourable pursuits… until she doesn’t any more. Willow has had enough and leaves Stone. He doesn’t believe she has really gone anywhere… Until he goes home and realises she really has left him. And Stone turns to the one thing that made Willow leave in the first place, the drugs… After a bit of a scare he goes to rehab, determined to get Willow back. But is it too late?

“I’m lost without you, Birdie. I’m not right. My heart doesn’t beat in rhythm when you’re not around. Come be my rhythm.”

Willow has left the country. She is hiding, dealing with her broken heart, and facing the things that life threw at her when she left Stone. She has secrets, but she also has a couple of fantastic friends and wonderful support, so she is getting on with her life and making the most of everything she has. She is so so strong! These two characters are wonderful, Stone has been lost and very broken, but he is determined to get his ‘rhythm’ back. Willow is his rhythm! But Willow has changed, she’s moved on, things can never be the same again…

This book is raw, gritty, and so full of sadness and angst. It is beautiful, heart-warming and tender. It is also very real, mixed with just the right amount of laughs, not forgetting all of the fantastic musical references! This book has it all, it was a truly wonderful read! And one you 100% need to read…NOW!

***** 5 ‘Watermelon Lolli’ Stars *****

Lou x

Purchase Links

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/29C4YO8

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/29UXbPa

iBooks: http://apple.co/29uisyN

Nook:  http://bit.ly/29GTFG8

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2a6KZHc


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