**NEW RELEASE**REVIEW** Advancing (Advance Industries #2) by K.A. Duggsy



Reunited but at what cost?
Because when time is involved, everything can change in an instant.

After travelling away from Advance Industries Faith and Kye find themselves in an unfamiliar city.
Facing new enemies, old grievances and dealing with the impossible decisions awaiting them.
Faith has emerged as a new woman. Determined to control her own destiny, but Kye is just as determined to right the wrongs they caused.
Which will win?
Morals or love?
Sometimes, the one we want most is the one we’re best off without and love doesn’t always conquer all.
They need to decide whether to listen to their hearts or their heads and they need to do it fast before their enemies close in.


*** This is book 2 in a series and you DO need to read book 1 (Advance) first ***

advancing full cover

Review by Lou

Wow, wow, wow!! I thought Advance was amazing and was going to be tough to beat! But Advancing is equally as good if not better.
This is the second installment in the Advance Industries series, and you really do need to read book 1, before you read book 2. Book 2 starts off from where book 1 finished, so it’s a great continuation of the story.

I absolutely loved Kye and Faith as characters. In this book we learn a lot more about them and continue to follow them on their journey, as their characters and stories develop. They have both faced a lot of challenges in the past, and they have a lot more to overcome. They need to work out where each of them are headed going in to the future or the past, and if that is going to be together or separately? Can they overcome the challenges and threats that face them both?

This book is written so well. I absolutely adore the authors writing style and love how she writes with such passion for her characters. I loved Faith’s friendship with Trask, and I also really enjoyed interaction with some of the other secondary characters. I can’t wait to hopefully see more of them in future stories!!

The story flows really well and I think everything is really well developed. This book will take you on a journey – you will go on a roller-coaster of a ride and spend much of the book on the edge of your seat. The book is filled with drama and suspense! I felt so many emotions reading this book – I laughed, I cried, I was angry and I was happy. Not forgetting the huge amount of friendship, love and HEAT that is strong throughout the book.

Another wonderful book from K.A.Duggsy – I can’t wait to see where this author takes us next!

***** 5 shining stars! *****

Lou x


Purchase Links

Book 1 – Advance

Amazon US link for ADVANCE

Amazon UK link for ADVANCE

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Book 2 – Advancing

Amazon US link for ADVANCING

Amazon UK link for ADVANCING

advancing small

advancing 2


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