**Review 4.5 Stars ~ American Bad Boy – Eddie Cleveland**


For a debut novel, this book truly knocked it out of the park, Eddies writing style is incredible and you can feel his military background leap of the page when the scenes in the war zones are played out and it really helps with the emotional pull of the book and gives you a little chill.

This book is a 2nd chance romance as the book starts 10 years in the past when Lauren is planning out her future with Mack and what she believes is her forever. They are at Prom and everything changes and what should have been the beginning of a forever becomes the beginning of the end when Mack has made the decision to go to West Point and serve fir his country after his brother died in 9/11. Lauren will not hold him back, but has to let him go, both with heavy hearts and heart broken no it’s the end…..

10 years later…. An attack and losing a leg and brothers in war the first person Mack thinks of is Lauren.

Lauren has carved out a new life, college, rehab nurse (one of the best) child, marriage, widowed and now a single mum. Still living in her home state, she’s happy……. Then she gets the news Captain Mack Forrester is her new patient.

The story focuses on how they both struggle to reel in their true feelings, and how they can overcome the past to get the future the both deserve but with some twist and turns along the way and secrets that are revealed could be the undoing or the pull that keeps them together.

Along with the struggle of the romance we see the struggle of the healing process and returning from war, the effects that this can have and the fact that it’s not always easy and can take time, that PTSD is real and does need to be dealt with and not just swept under the rug, it’s not just the personnel that it effects it’s the families too and I believe that Eddie handle this with insight, intelligence thoughtfulness, delicacy and care bringing awareness to these issues.

I adored this book and though it was a fabulous read and I look forward to seeing what Eddie brings to the table next, I’m hoping that it’s Cameron’s and Chelsea’s book

4.5 stars





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