**Review ~ Fractured Lies by Abigail Davies **




Some days I didn’t know where the lies finished and the truth began.

It happened with one innocent lie and before I knew it I’d created a whole web
of lies.

Nobody likes a liar.


What if you had to lie? To protect yourself and your child?

If those lies were revealed, I would be a shell of my former self.

Fractured into a thousand tiny pieces.

I just hoped I could be put back together.0f2b7-fractured2blies2bebook

Review by Donna

Debut Novel by Author Abigail Davies and what a way to say hello to the book world.

I loved this book it flowed easily and was really well written. One word of warning, the book itself deals with domestic violence to the extreme and has several distressing scenes that some readers may find difficult to read, however I feel that the author has dealt with this difficult subject matter with delicacy and sensitivity in a perfect and real way.

The main character Kaylee is a young mum and easily relatable which was refreshing, you instantly felt for her from the first page of the book and cheered when she found the cocoon and safety of a job, winced and sympathised with her life and felt thankful that Eli did see what happened.

Her relationship with Tyson was beautifully written and wonderful to watch, with how unsure of herself she was and how he took to coaxing and making sure everything around her was safe including her son.

The secondary characters in this book didn’t feel like secondary characters at all, I loved getting to know each one except Max… But you will see why. Each character from Kitty to Luke has their own back story which is slightly damaged and we are slowly learning what they are and as this series about Mac security continues we will continue to learn more.
Just as it all started to settle down and everything started to become routine, bam we got a twist I didn’t see coming and now I have to wait for book 2, cliffhangers I have a love hate relationship with them.

Don’t leave us hanging here to long Abigail

4.5 stars great start looking forward to seeing where this goes !



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