** REVIEW ** Farewell Apathy by Jenn Hype

farewell cover


The world is a scary place, even when you know who you are, where you come from and most importantly, who your enemies are.

So imagine how I felt when I woke up inside of Mayford Mental Institution, strapped to a bed in a dark, empty room with no recollection of how I got there. Try to picture having no family or friends to help you try to remember and adjust to a totally new life.

If only my problems stopped there. If only I didn’t have someone trying to torment me at every turn. If only my life didn’t become more and more complicated the more I started to remember.

It started out okay enough – my friend-turned-psychiatrist Mark found me a job and a place to live. My neighbor Keegan took me in under her wing and helped me adjust. Wyatt, a dark, brooding and dangerously sexy new tenant moved in the day after me, taking on the task of reminding me what blinding lust feels like.

What goes up, must come down, and as soon as life starts to feel like something I can handle, the gravity of my messed up life yanks me right back down on my ass. Kind of crazy how quickly you can go from being completely apathetic about your unknown future, to fearing that your future might not even exist at all….


Review by Donna

A suspense romance that’s a real page turner from beginning to end, keeping you engaged and your mind working in overdrive whilst you try to negotiate your way through the twist and turns and who did what nows. You definitely shouldn’t trust anyone !

Brailey suffered a major head trauma and when she wakes she’s strapped to a table at her place of work. She has no recollection of her former life and the only clue apparently to her past is Mark ! She somewhat naively without question goes along with what he is telling her and is finally released to start a new life.

As the Strong willed, Brave, Brailey steps forth into the unknown she meets Keegan her new neighbour and they instantly become friends. Keegan becomes that friend we all want the protector, the pitbull, the loveable always there for you no matter what life coach cheerleader. I loved that about her.

Then we meet Wyatt I warmed to wyatt immediately and although there was something a little off with him it was never bad, I always trusted him. His and Braileys chemistry was great and their will they won’t they, but when they finally got into their stride it was brilliant.

The story line is fabulous, it left me wanting more, Jenn’s writing style is great, definitely an author I’ll read again and this is definitely a book to read if you like this genre.

**** 4 stars ****

Donna x

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