💕⭐️Review ~ Dirty Little Rendezvous ~ Emma Hart⭐️💕


Sometimes the past becomes the present… And he’s hot, cocky, and British.
Leila Burke expected a lot of things when she joined her brothers on tour in Europe. He wasn’t one of them.

Jase Masters had no idea what to expect when he agreed to support Dirty B. on tour. She definitely wasn’t it.

It’s been eighteen months.

He remembers that night a little too well.

She insists she has no idea who he is.

He’s rugged and determined.

She’s wild and free.

Together, they’re a tornado.

Keeping it from touching down is the least of their worries.

(Dirty Little Rendezvous is a spin-off of The Burke Brothers series, but can be read as a standalone.)



Its no secret that Rockstars are my drug of choice, when it comes to the preferred Alpha Male variety. So the there was no shock that I loved the Burke Brothers series and enjoyed the snippets of Leila throughout their books. Secretly hoping she would get her own and jumping for joy when she did.

Leila is sassy and full of attitude, but who wouldn’t be when you live in the shadow of you four ridiculously famous brothers. Jobless and boyfriendless she follows them on the European leg of the tour. They set her some ground rules to follow…… Hmmm rules they are set to be broken right ?

I love everything about Lei, from her no nonsense attitude, to speaking her mind and saying it as it is. As long as she is out of the spotlight she’s happy, especially as she’s seen what it can do. She’s also happy to keep he romantic antics on lock down. Well until she walks into breakfast …

Cue Jase Masters – hot, cocky, gorgeous and British the newest member of the tour and the up an coming international star, the only problem they have met before, and when I say met, I mean tangle in the sheets and neither of them have forgotten the other.

So what do you do when you met the sassy southern girl that turned your world upside down,  and the Hot Cocky Brit who you couldn’t forget, you embark on several secret Dirty little Rendezvous.

The story is sweet, charming and sexy as hell, I love seeing the banter play out between the two and the word play with the English/American terms was wonderful and there were several moments that had me laughing out loud amongst the heartfelt and real moments in the makings of the relationship that I loved.

The Burke family dynamic remained and played a massive part, to be honest I would have been disappointed if it hadn’t.  The Alpha male protectiveness of the brothers was super cute and super annoying (from a baby of the family PoV) there were times when I wanted to reach through the pages and clip them around the ear, but also grab them and pull them into a huge hug and thank them. But I loved how Leila dealt with them and with the support of the girlfriends/wives, her best friends, that always had her back.

One of my favourite moments of this book was when Lei wore her heart on her sleeve and truly opened up about her passion for reading, at this point I truly connected with her. As an avid reader/reviewer this was so perfectly written you could feel Emma’s heart and soul pouring out of the page though Lei and she just got it. I won’t spoil it for you I’ll let you find it xx

Now it takes a lot for me to reach that 5 star rating but wow this sweet, charming and sexy as hell book ticked every single box, I’m not sure why but it just did it, I friggin loved it and devoured every word. Simply transported to another world !

Donna 💕


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