**Book Trailer** Nine by Jennifer Raygoza

The number one paid escort in Las Vegas calls herself Nine. She’s become very wealthy with three hundred very loyal VIP clients. Trig is also the best at what he does. He works for the biggest drug dealer in Vegas, as his personal executioner.

One night with the wrong client and everything spirals out of control when Nine and Trig collide. Watch what happens when two of the best in underworld trades go against the grain, against the rules, and against all odds of making it out alive.
“I’m breaking all my rules here. I’m breaking them all for him.” -Nine

“Baby, do you know what you’re worth? Men should be fighting over you. I sure as hell would.” -Trig

Check out the trailer below

18+ read
Watch Trailer=>https://youtu.be/sRNMCaaq-DA
Available through these platforms:
Amazon ====> http://smarturl.it/9nine9
Kobo=======> http://smarturl.it/nineonkobo
Google Play==> http://smarturl.it/nine9
iTunes======> http://smarturl.it/nineonitunes
B&N========> http://smarturl.it/ninebnn


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