Broken #Hashtag book 2 


From Kady Hunt comes the 2nd installment of the #Hashtag series Broken

Another great book from Kady about friendships that are tested to the limit and put through the mill but do they come out the other side just as they were, or are things changed forever when secrets are revealed and promises are broken.
I love the multiple Point of Views in this series of books and how the stories of each character all interlink. In the last book we mainly focused on Holden, Daniel and Jamie and although we see glimpses of them throughout this book as the story Arc continues we mainly focus on Teague, Mia and Sebastian.
Teague and Mia are trying to find their footing in their passionate relationship but with an underground fight scene and the involvement of #HT makes things difficult and when Mia then gets stabbed orchestrated by someone close you don’t know whether they can get past the turmoil, does love really conquer all !
Sebastian is a whole different ball game, secrets that have the potential to rip a friendship apart and the introduction of a new character, leads to deception and blackmail for poor Sebastian. I love this character development and how he has transformed. His characters strength is tested beyond belief and all he truly wants is to be loved.

I’m glad we get to see Holdens journey from where it was left in the last book and joining of all the friends when one is in need. But after that ending I’m desperate for book 3,

Kady has built up the potential in this book for a knockout in the next, I’m hoping for more of #HT in the hope he gets whats coming for him and the friendships really do last the test of time !

Congratulations Kady on another successful read 4 big beautiful stars

Donna 💕


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