Bend review

Kirvrin Wilson’s debut novel Bend, hit our shelves today and what a way to start.

Mia met Jay when her boyfriend introduced him as his best friend.
Jay chose Mia when her boyfriend cheated on her . Six years later and he has become her rock and best friend he is her world. Mia has become more important than his own family.
They had both pushed down how they felt about each other. Jay was due to leave to help his uncle in 2 years time. Mia was left heartbroken.
It took one night and one question from Mia to change thier unbreakable friendship.
“So in those six or seven years or whatever, have you ever thought about having sex with me ?”
I love a good friends to lovers story that leaves you a little hot under the collar, with that lovey feeling you know it’s going to work out. Not much in the way of truly strong emotions.
Let me tell you now, you will not be disappointed? If had everything you needed. Bend is not your average run of the mill story, it’s so much more.
I was left not really knowing how to feel at some points, feeling sad and happy, finally falling in love all over again. It was a rollercoaster of highs and lows and it was an amazing ride.
Bend is currently on sale for 99p go click for your copy today


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